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If you are here, then Congratulations!  You just signed up for voice lessons with an experienced vocal coach and over 40 years of stage, recording and coaching behind her.

In making payments to Savage Music Studios, you agree to our non-compete policy…that you will not record, copy or teach any method, lesson plan or technique to any one outside the studio authorization.  Restrictions on Use. Customer agrees that they shall not directly or indirectly: (i) modify, enhance, adapt, translate, make improvements to, create derivative works based upon, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, reduce to any human or machine perceivable form, or circumvent any technological measure that controls access to or permits derivation of the formula of, the Products or any part thereof; (ii) reverse engineer the Products, any part thereof, or any composition made using the Products.




Payment is for 1-60 minute lesson by skype for 100.00/lesson.